Marketing Portfolio

The key to success for a technology company is understanding your market and projecting a professional image. Igeneco assists our clients in determining their positioning and mission statements and converting them into coherent, integrated marketing materials. We work with our customers to understand their technology, determine their markets, and craft the text and image that most represents where they want to go. We provide:

  • Logo and identity design
  • Website strategy, structure, design, and development
  • Print collateral (product sheets, brochures)
  • Interactive demos
  • Tradeshow materials

Igeneco works with clients to redesign their corporate identity and develop a new suite of marketing materials designed to highlight the full range of their capabilities. The goals include:

  • create a flexible marketing system that will clearly communicate to potential customers
  • design a dynamic corporate identity that emphasizes the company’s capabilities, professionalism, and competitive advantages
  • ensure the systems — both print and web — are modular and can be expanded as capabilities grow and change

To see examples of Igeneco’s work, please contact us.